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Monday, February 14, 2011

Great international business opportunity

I want to share this!!!

A couple of months ago I was introduced by a friend to this business. At the beginning I was impressed by the great product. I was benefit from it. Usually I would have pain on the first day of my period. I felt weak and not fit at all. But after regular use, I was surprised to find that I didn't feel pain and feel energetic on the first month I use the product.

This has helped lots of women.

The business itself has grewn in 100 countries and territories in just four years.

I saw brothers and sisters from all over the world come to Jakarta to attend our business meetings and trainings.

So, why not work together building a business, in an international channel?

Isn't it great?

One training that has moved me is Life Changing Bootcamp. I went there in November 2010. I managed to let go, forgive and forget the pains I've been carried in my life for years.

This really is a HUGE business. We'll achieve financial freedom doing this, in 3-5 years work program!

To give you insights, please visit this link http://bit.ly/ef5Upg and watch the presentation. And this is the link to the website: http://bit.ly/Hx1Ge

I hope we can discuss the business soon after you watch the video. My Yahoo Messenger is online :) (yahoo ID: mspras0604)

Talk to you soon.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Two laptops stolen!

This topic was posted in my health and beauty blog because I have taken the pictures of the products I bought in Singpore last week and saved them in my laptop. All I have to do was edit the photos.

Since this blog is about my raging emotions, so this is the right time to be furious!
Yesterday afternoon I got a call from my sister saying that we both have lost our laptops!

A stranger came to our house, talked to our maid and saying as if he really knew me and my brother in law and he was instructed by my bro-in-law to pick my laptop because he broke it and asked this guy to fix it. To make the story short, I think my maid was hypnotized by this jerk, because he swore to her that he was doing our instruction and then she was asked to stare at his eyes.
She couldn't remember what has happened and who actually pick the laptops out of the storage place.
When she then conscious, she remembered that she needed to call my bro-in-law to check the truth of his story, but the jerk has left!
She doesn't have my bro-in-law mobile number, so she called me and my sis, but somehow she couldn't get thru... And I didn't see any incoming calls from her on my screen.

He didn't take anything else beside the laptop units.
So odd.... He knew that my bro-in-law work in other town, and he usually comes home in the weekend. He knew that I'm called "bude" or auntie at home. He knew what type of my sister's laptop, the brand, and where sis keep it. My maid didn't know where my sis' laptop is!

Well, this is the second time I got robbed within 4 months. The first was on May 3, when my blackberry was stolen from my car under my nose......

It's sad because we needed the laptop to start and build our online business. We plan to resign from our jobs. My sister had taken time to save the money to buy that laptop.
And to know that a strange has been into our rooms and touched our stuffs???? Scarry!
Our privacy has been violated!
The house is the place where it should be the safest place for us and our family to live in. But look what has happened!

I only have my office laptop now and I'm not allowed to install any softwares for personal use.

To my friends, be careful out there, crime is everywhere!

All I can say is gratitude to God that the kids (my niece and nephew) are safe. We need to protect ourselves more now.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Too many things to think, I broke down!

I was frustrated!
Dreamed of my late father, like he wanted to show me something. Maybe show my mistake....
Cried the whole day! Eyes hurt.

Friday, February 05, 2010

I'm overwhelmed!

Should his antidote mount a stumbling soup?

The last 3 weeks has been an excited moment for me. I'm overwhelmed with business opportunities I'm receiving.
I have decided to quit my job in July 2010. Therefore, I have written business plan to back up my decision and what needs to be done.
There are short term, medium term, and long term plan.
Short term plan must generate fast money/cash. It will contribute to my long term plan, which is my dream thing to have my own make up line.

I've received many orders from my beauty shop customers and I've got two new business ideas since last week.
One was cell phone credit voucher business and another one was selling organic vanilla bean.
Somehow, when we strengthen our affirmation to reach something, the higher power will just guide and show us the way!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Updates on beauty business, Dec 2009

After what has been happening in previous months with my online beauty shop, I have made some changes in order to achieve improvements:

1. I asked my friend who lives in NY to assist me to forward the packages I ordered from my supplier.
I have tested one batch and it arrived in my house within 14 days, as expected.

2. In early December, I moved the website, from http://beauty.mirnasakina.com to http://mu-beautyshop.com.
It will create more professional image. The domain name is as same as the shop name.
It took me sometime to move the contents and to change the website template.
Also to redirect the existing customers and incoming visitors from old address to new address.

3. I started to use autoresponder to update my customers with new items in my websites.
I updated the database if my customers order from other means (Facebook, e-mail, or SMS)

4. I created Facebook page for the shop. I advertised the page for 2 days and voila, I have 370 fans now. I didn't continue the advertisement due to cost.
Now I'm updating the status with everything new in my online shop.

5. I've got an idea to become cosmetic purchase assistant for people here.
The goal is to get brands that is not sold in Indonesia for the customer at certain fee.
Yes, I won't charge the new price, but it will be charged on fees.
I need to work on the amount of the fee and terms & condition.

6. I will prepare an e-book about mineral make up for Indonesia market.
This really excites me.... I need to compile the materials (images, videos, healt articles, make up tips, etc) and consult how to make an e-book with my senior in Asian Brain.

7. I'm contacting a mineral make up supplier which I will be making it as my priority brand I carry in MU Beauty Shop.
I'm ordering the samples first to test the products.
I also found and interesting products in mineral make up for acne treatment.

8. To bring professional image. I hired a professional graphic designer to design website banner and business card for me at Etsy.Com . I'm in the process of filling in questionaire right now in order for her to start the work.

So..... This will continue. This what I want to achieve in 2010! My own business......

I love becoming an entrepreneur!

2009 reflection

Oh my.... How time goes so fast! The year of 2010 will be coming soon.

Just a quick reflection on what I have and have/did not done in 2009.
a. I can say I'm doing OK. Didn't get great achievement but I start to get the hang out of it.
Small conflicts with "that" person in office goes on and off, depends on her mood!
The distributor didn't achieve target though. But relationship and communication I have with the staffs are good!
I don't know why my PS is not proactive...... I wish I did the first interview with him.

b. On March 2009, I finally bought a second hand car. Which was sufficient for me.
It's in good condition, has AC, radio and tape, good machine. What else can I ask with a limited budget I have.
Thanks to office that support me with transportation allowance. It was a hard decision to get the money for down payment. But as usual, God let me get it!

c. New top management doesn't give the thrill. Business is kinda slow for the last 4 months.
Like a friend said, I'm just surviving in this company.

I haven't been active in my Asian Brain community for several months. My websites and blogs have been neglected as I'm busy with office work.
So Google Page Ranking of my blogs disappeared! Order to write reviews was almost none......

But, in August 2009, I launched my online beauty shop. I felt I needed to start now and not wait too long, and don't be carried away with the job I have.

Yes, I need to watch my expenses right now since I need the money to buy beauty stuffs for my beauty shop. Orders coming in slowly, but I can see it will grow and flourish!
I have vision in my head what to do next.
It feels good to see happy customers, MY OWN customers!

I also start active in Asian Brain offline gathering for the last 2 months to see what's happening. And it was good!
My sister, who I have been motivating to get extra income by selling some thing, has finally found her own way. She's selling batik now at Facebook, hahaha......
Check out the batik style in her album.

- The company pays me good salary :)
- The salary I use to pay the credit card debts. And I also managed to ask discounts to credit card company so I can settle the debt sooner.
- I still have no saving yet..... and my insurance hasn't been paid for sometimes. I hope the insurance isn't terminated yet.

I'm not fit and healthy!
I stopped going to the gym since March or April 2009 due to my back pain problem.
Then I get cold easily but recover in long period of time (that sucks).
I had a long cold in August 2009, then coughing started in mid September 2009, and not treated yet.
And after I came back from my overseas trip, now I have middle ear accute infection!
I haven't done blood test for months too.............
I think everything started from the emotions and feelings and pressure that I'm having.
Stress from work, pressure to have own business, and emotional experience with my love life.
I have to do something so I can regain the health level I should be at.


I didn't get married, again. It's just getting difficult and I don't want to be pushy with my partner. If we are not meant, then we are not. I didn't prefer his attitude, though.
I don't think I will be rushing to get new relationship. I'm kinda reluctant and sick to think about it......Eekkks...

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Isolated and irritated

Never thought that being sick (just flu and coughing) my colleagues would treat me in such a way.
It was also interesting because, as I said, colleagues will remain colleagues. It's rarely to have friendship with them.
Well, I get along with them at work, but not that comfortable as room mate. Each of us has different habits when we are in our own home.

So, we were on a trip last November.
My division had selling skill training in KL, Malaysia. Therefore I shared a room with Mrs. N.
I have been sharing room with her several times. So far, we were OK.
But then, my coughing got worse and then I started to catch a cold during the trip.
She then kept her distance because she said she didn't want to get sick. She just came from one month training in Shanghai, which at that time climate change was extreme. Of course, the reason was understandable, but it's how she conveyed the message and her objection.
She didn't want to sit near me in the van, and she asked for far plane seat when we were going to Bangkok from KL.
Ah, she should remember how sick she was when we traveled in last April. She couldn't walk due to her gout. But then, it wasn't contagious >_<

In Thailand, I had different room mate. She and Mrs. N switch their places because Mrs.R doesn't know her room mate from Philippines and Mrs. N knows her well. (actually, both of them are at similar age as mine, but I addressed them because they're married, lol).
It was my first time sharing a room with Mrs. R. So far, I mingle well with her.
But, sometimes she's pushy.
On the last day of the meeting, I couldn't stand anymore. I had headache and my asthma just reoccurred. The team was sitting at round table having discussion. I was waiting for my turn to discuss with the manager. Mrs. R kept asking me to go to see a doctor, she started to irritate me because I knew I needed to go soon, but I needed to finish my part first before I'm gone. Grrrr.......
To make me more irritated, when I was going nearer to manager to start the discussion, and he found out I was having cold, he asked me not to sit near.
I'm kinda feel embarassed!

This post doesn't really show how I felt at that time!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

My beauty business

Following up my posting on my business, I launched the (temporary) website for my online beauty shop in August 24, 2009. Why temporary? Because I was yet to pick the ultimate domain name for the website. I have picked the name of the shop: The "MU" Beauty Shop though.
I just needed to start launching the site quick, needed to work on the project and make things become real. I'm racing with time. I don't have much time with me. The office job is making me crazy!

So, the first batch of mineral make up pre-order was a good start. I didn't have to promote using advertisement, I just gave word-of-mouth promotion to my close friends and also did SEO technique to the website.

Some hiccups happened due to shipment. I need to find another way to ship this particular mineral make up brand from the original country, USA, to Jakarta so that:
1) I can ship faster to my customers,
2) I can get reasonable shipment price,
3) I can track down the package status (having this kind of service will increase my cost, but it's worth it)
I depend on a friend who lives in USA to pass me the packages because the company has stopped shipping to Indonesia.

To make the shop looks like a shop, I need to start filling the shop with goodies, right?
So beside listing the brand names that I've already known, I also regularly surfing the net to find unique natural beauty products. Reading reviews in blogs really help me to expand my knowledge and help me to choose the unique products for my shop.
It's interesting because I act as a seller but also a buyer :)

I found many natural beauty products, I contacted the owners and ask so many things about their products and shop policy...... I've spent a lot of money this month (Oct 31, 2009) to buy testers and samples. Again, the hiccup is the shipment, I can't wait to try all of the samples, but till now nothing yet in my hand. I can't track down the packages because there are no tracking numbers. I also hope that Indonesia custom will not hold anything. There were only two brand names arrived at my place. I'm still waiting for the rest of the package.

Aaarggh, I can't stand waiting ....